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Name:Crona Makenshi
It's just a simple story about killing people. The future teaches you to be alone, the present teaches you to be cold. Shooting rabbits and shooting fascists. Have you ever wondered why in a dream, you can touch a fallen sky? It's just a simple story about killing people.

Crona is a child who has also happened to kill a lot of people. She was raised for this purpose and is only recently learning to defy it. Crona is afraid of almost everything and anything that she cannot get rid of by merely killing it.

This is a habit that was ingrained in her since she was four years old. (The fact that this can only suitably called a habit says wonders in itself.) She is now fourteen. This habit was achieved by such paths as giving Crona picture books detailing various ways to commit violence and repeatedly forcing her through experiments to learn how to kill rabbits and then eat them. By the age of seven, she would be sent out to kill actual humans, rather than just animals.

Ever since she was four, Crona has been experimented on by her mother, Medusa. Very early on, Crona's mother removed all of her blood and replaced it with the black blood that was Ragnarok. This was an experiment played for multiple reasons:

[1] Medusa, her mother, intended to do anything she could to surpass her sister, the mother of demon weapons.
[2] Pursuit of the knowledge of insanity, something that Medusa is extremely pre-occupied with.
[3] Entertainment.

Now there is a sentient being named Ragnarok living in Crona's bloodstream. It can come out at any time it wishes. Her blood is called Black Blood, for it is entirely black and comes with madness. She does her best to control it, but certain things can trigger her and cause her to snap.

If the Black Blood has overcome her then she makes entirely different choices. She loses her sense of judgement and is quite insane. The more and more she is stuck in this, the harder it is to go back. That's not something she used to mind. As Crona is loyal to her mother, she does everything she asks, including letting her experiment on her. Many experiments called for her to be insane.

However, recently Crona was rescued by new friends, and they are very important to her. The one who is most important to her is Maka Albarn ( [personal profile] booksmash ). Her friends are accepting to her but they don't like it when she kills, and they don't like it when she goes mad. Therefore, this combats her loyalty to her mother, as she tries her very best to control it.

The being living in her bloodstream is called Ragnarok. He loves to come out and taunt her. He is a nasty individual and never acts like anything but.

Crona can cut herself to bring him out when she needs him, but she doesn't always want him. In those cases, there is a permanent and small wound on her back that he can pop out of anytime.

Ragnarok is a soul eater, which means that his strength and appearance change depending on how many souls are within him. These souls were recently drained by Shinigami, leaving him small and harmless.

Her eyes are indicative of her current status in regards to her black blood and how she is handling Ragnarok. In a regular situation, she has light blue eyes. The blue is ringed with black and there is no visible pupil. But in a situation where she is utilizing Ragnarok highly or is running certain strong emotions, they will become completely black.

She has messy, poorly cut purple hair and stands tall at 5'7". She also happens to be very skinny, due to poor nutrition and the constant draining of her own blood. She has a very pale appearance as well.

She has a very androgynous appearance, and people have been known to use the wrong pronouns for her often.

Crona is from when she'd recently been captured by Shibusen and given a home. This places her at chapter 24 when she first enters the bar.


Crona is from Soul Eater, and is the property of Atsushi Okubo and Bones Studio. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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